Available Grants | Hico, TX

Available Grants

Hico EDC Reimbursement of Building Permits

The EDC has approved a reimbursement program for local existing and new businesses in Hico. The EDC will reimeburse at 100% of the cost of the building permit from the City of Hico. All work must be completed in a 12-month period from the date of application and approved/completed by the City of Hico before reimbursement will be made.

All applications must state the purpose of the construction, and list in detail what permits will be needed, the cost of each, and the total cost of all permits per application. Copies of the approved permits must be attached.

All applications must be signed and dated by the applicant, as well by the EDC Treasurer.

Hico EDC Tourism Grant Fund

Established September 1, 2013

Since the City of Hico and the Hico EDC have acknowledged the importance of tourism to the economic welfare of our community, the EDC has implemented a program that will help promote tourism.

The EDC has established a tourism grant fund effective October 1, 2013 which is intended to help individuals or organizations promoting an event in Hico which will bring tourism into our community.

This fund should be used for advertising/promoting events that enhance tourism in Hico. The grant is a matching grant, with a maximum amount for reimbursement after proof of expenses of $500. The total amount of funds allocated for this grant program will vary each year based on sales tax revenue to the EDC each year.

A completed application by the party hosting the event must be submitted to the EDC each year for any event taking place from October 1 to September 31 (the next fiscal year). No event will be funded without an application and EDC approval during their first meeting in October.

Proof of expenses must be submitted to EDC office after event to ensure Board approval of reimbursement. Approval of application does not guarantee reimbursement after event, copies of receipts showing advertising expenses MUST be submitted to EDC.

Please print off the application and send to the EDC office by September 15, 2018 for funding your event during end of 2018-2019.

Downtown Hico Business Facade Improvement Grant

Established August 15, 2011

The Hico Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has approved a plan to assist local business owners in the improvement of the exterior facades of their buildings, which would provide local business owners some financial assistance for improving the exterior of their buildings.

The BFI (Business Facade Improvement) project will be open for applications beginning on August 15, 2011 and will be available for 18 months or until the $20,000 of allocated funds expire. The applicants will be asked to describe their project(s), estimate project costs, explain the need for the improvements, disclose any historic information and past restorations, and provide the location of the building. To meet grant requirements, a building must be located on or near the downtown or on or near a feeder street.

The EDC Board will have final approval of applications that meet these requirements in an amount up to 50% of the cost of the improvement, but not more than $1000 per project.

As all small towns compete for a share of tourism and visitor traffic through their towns, the town with the best curb appeal will always have the advantage. The EDC encourages our Hico business owners to take advantage of this program and to improve their own “curb appeal.”

If you would like to apply for a BFI Grant, please contact the EDC office via email [email protected] or call 796-4620 to request application forms.