Water and Wastewater | Hico, TX

Water and Wastewater

  • The City of Hico is licensed with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to operate public water and wastewater utilities.
  • Hico’s customer number is CN601180524.
  • The rules governing public water and wastewater systems, as well as the records of licensed operators, can be viewed at the TCEQ website. Title 30 of the Texas Administrative Code describes the regulatory authority exercised by TCEQ over our operations.

Phone: (254) 796-4620
(254) 796-4512
After Hours Water Emergency: 
(254) 485-3262 or (254) 386-4545

Mark Terry
Operations Supervisor
Adrian Garza
Staff Member
Jonathan Wade
Staff Member
Mario Delarosa
Staff Member